Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Planning a Admin Team for IHRMA,if you Intrested,Please send your Resume to:


The purpose of the present study is twofold:
(a) to discuss the need for a globalized approach to human resource management and
(b) the role of educational development for human resource development in the agricultural sector.

In understanding human resource management and its development we need to understand the social factors that influence the development of the human resource management within the agricultural field. Commercialization and global changes constantly map out new agricultural workforce development needs. Due to the increased productivity, besides land, labor, and capital, knowledge have great importance with respect to human resource management within the agricultural sector

 .................. Without Farm workers,
  No Agriculture.

  Real estate will lead Global warming.

we must give importance to Human Resource managment in Agriculture.

My daughter and me , sourcing farm workers for various agri farm owners

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  2. Very great effort .After completion of my engineering in this summer ,I would like to join with you

  3. thank you Mr.vishnu,now many farms are managed by Mtec engineering completed,only needed knowledge abt agriculture,welcome.