Wednesday, 26 April 2017

job description

dairy farm-labour advicer
Labour issues are the single biggest obstacle to progress on farms. The efficiency of your farm depends on good management practices and especially on good workers. Now,Our labour management package gives you professional support and advice on key areas of labr recruitment and ongoing staff management.
Our service includes sourcing and selecting all levels of staff, induction and farm safety awareness training, preparation of employment contracts and full payroll service provision. Ongoing advice and support on compliance with all aspects of current employment legislation is an integral part of our service.
We advise and negotiate on farm labour salaries while keeping your costs at an efficient level.
We advise on labour efficiencies - how to retain suitable staff and manage your costs.
The key to our success is having a full understanding of your farm-business and its requirements.
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We Recruiting Farm-labours/Farm caretakers for agri-farm/dairy farms/plantation(tea&coffee)
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  1. Great to see your blog post you are doing a great job.I have seen many large companies have a wide range of procurement process which they introduce to cut down on local practices like hiring someones etc. You can either get involved in the process when or if they go to kindhearted or you can try and get in with a labour supplier on a sub contract basis who is already in with them.

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  3. Hi sir...we r looking for labour job... contact number.Govindareddy:8526068144.